90 Man Camp - Russia

Project for:

Nabors Drilling Int.


The Nabors Drilling International Project is located In Northern Russia (Usinsk region). A 190 person rig camp met the growing trend in temporary workforce housing by leading away from institutional type dormitories and heading towards a more exclusive type of aesthetically pleasing facility, but also offers amenities equal to higher rated camps. What is considered as a unique asset is that it is a self-sufficient camp consisting of bedrooms, VIP bedrooms with a private washroom, a kitchen, a dining room, a laundry room, recreation area, a mud-room and a conference room. This is accomplished by utilizing every possible modern convenience that mimics a persons home life as well as installing finishing materials to provide a sense of comfort and ease. The Nabors accommodation facility project is structurally, mechanically and electrically prepared for easy and rapid connection. The entire facility is structurally supported on steel skids, which serve convenient transport in the Siberia tundra and also quick assembly.The 2 ea Wellsite camps which is attached to the main 190 men camp is electrically prepared for dual power supplied from different sources : American standard voltage or European standard voltage. The power is derived from diesel generators with the appropriate electrical switch gear and “quick connect” plugs for ease of mobilization.These living facilities also include environmentally friendly water and sewage treatment plants, which are an advantage, especially in Siberia. The entire camp is equipped with internet network, telephone and satellite TV system. The most important criteria for the operation of the facility is 95 % factory completion that includes all system testing and sign off. The rig camp is designed and built to be “plug and play”. All mechanical, plumbing and electrical fixtures are chosen for their low volume and low energy use abilities. Essentially, the low volume and low energy fixtures limit and control the client need to reload on natural resources. The erection process at site is reduced to minimum due to quick connection.