Sewage Treatment Plant

Clarified Effluent Output:

from 1 m3/day to 30 m3/day (5 - 500 person)


Guaranteed Clarified Effluent Criteria:

BOD5 < 20 mg/l – Five-Day Biochemical Oxygen Demand

COD < 100 mgO2/l – Chemical Oxygen Demand

TSS < 25 mg/l – Total Suspended Solids




System Description

  • Kan-Bud’s Biological Sewage Treatment System is based on aeration activated sludge biological treatment.
  • All equipment and tanks are located into insulated 20’ or 40’ high cube sea container.
  • The whole process is automatic and controlled by a Control Panel.
  • The influent wastewater is pumped from the collection lift station to a screening unit which removes coarse solids.
  • The main treatment is performed by the activated sludge process within the aeration tank (reactor).
  • The process utilizes bacteria to remove organic contaminants through a process of biological oxidation.
  • After the process of biological oxidation blower system is off, the process of clarification and sedimentation begins.
  • Next the clarified effluent and disinfection by UV lamp are pumped out.
  • The excess of sludge is pumped to the dewatering unit and next to the garbage bags.