Technical buildings

Technical buildings are manufactured on the basis of 20ft. & 40ft. converted sea containers and are modified to the required standards and functionality. Due to their heavy duty features and solid construction, Kan-Bud’s shipping containers are versatile solutions for both temporary and permanent generator rooms, boiler plants, air compressors, transformer stations, workshops and many more. The option of manufacturing non-standard dimension containers from scratch allows for endless possibilities of interior design, including equipment, according to our customer’s needs. We tailor other modular technological structures and facilities upon order.

  • container labs
  • container kitchens, laundries, recreational areas
  • container built compressors
  • container pump room structures, hydrophore installations
  • container power generator buildings
  • container water treatment plants
  • container sewage treatment plants, sludge dewatering structures.
  • denitrification buildings
  • incinerator

Technology of production:

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Containers PREMIUM type

Containers VIP type

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