About us

Constant development

Constant development

Kan-Bud is a Canadian company in Poland. As a sister company to Northgate Industries, Ltd. in Alberta, we have been delivering modular buildings worldwide for over 30 years. “We design space” in order to service oil and gas contractors, construction and engineering companies, governmental institutions, local commerce and the geology sector. We consider ourselves specialists in designing, manufacturing, selling and leasing offsite industrial modular units worldwide. Kan-Bud Sp. z o.o. aims to constantly enhance the quality of its products and at the same time it is committed to protecting the environment and implementing innovative solutions. With extensive reference lists from all over the world, Kan-Bud remains a loyal business partner for many years.

European Funds

Project co-financing within the framework of measure 3.4. Subsidies for working capital of OP Intelligent Development 2014-2020. The project aims to support medium-sized enterprises in financial difficulty with reference to the economic crisis engendered by COVID-19. The amount of financial support 320 446,68 PLN was allocated to goods acquisition necessary to facilitate current business activities.