Modular Buildings

Office and worksite containers

Up-to-date offices under all operating conditions

Both temporary or permanent office buildings are of top quality and comfort portable units serving employees at construction sites or workforce at remote camps. Our modern and fully-equipped conference or work rooms will allow you to create your own functional office space. Wide range connecting unit configurations and non-standard orders with multi-level set-ups available. Wisely selected dimensions make your working space gain advantage over traditional construction due to low maintenance costs as well as rapid installation on site. Manufactured in solid metal frame structure, our office containers are a decent mobile solution.

Modular buildings

Modularization beneficial on construction projects

Offsite construction is an innovative solution when rapid and hassle-free operations are essential. Prefabricated facilities offer several advantages over conventional construction. Thanks to our container-based technology, you will have your modular unit assembled or removed whenever necessary gaining time and money. Cost savings are one of the reasons for choosing modular buildings – they are 20% less costly than traditionally built structures. Consider modular for your next commercial building, office complex, workforce accommodation or dining area. We use contemporary superior quality materials in our relocatable buildings to guarantee sustainability, durability, cleanliness and comfort. Our custom projects include remote housing applications with detailed finish and furnishings, maintenance and post-sales care all to meet client specifications.

Modular summer cabin homes

Surrounded by nature, by the lake, by the sea…

Dreaming of a little holiday home outside of town? We will design and deliver comfortable family vacation homes for you or your guests and clients. Order your private recreational facility or get a quote for a prefabricated motel building. Practical and functional, perfect for 3-6 persons, consisting of two segments 6,50 x 2,65 m. Attractive modules which can be easily set together as a whole complex or exist solely as an independent unit. Modern, high-quality wooden or PVC facade manufactured offsite at Kan-bud’s factory, ready to be installed at your chosen destination. Terrace panelled veranda with a wooden structure holding a foldable shade sail. The patio provides you with mores space for relaxing or grilling at the barbecue zone. Spend time with your family and friends in a pleasant environment. Customization and flexibility. Various arrangements and interior-design layouts.

All-year round affordable modular structures designed for:

  • recreational loactions
  • camping-sites
  • vacation cabins at nature retreats
  • mobile motels and bungalows
  • minimalism Scandinavian style portable structures
  • temporary and permanent factory-built guest houses

Staff containers

Rely on our experience in the modular industry

Personnel or welfare containers can be modified in various ways to meet our clients’ quality expectations and budgets. Work, live and enjoy at our modern offsite units – Kan-Bud guarantees safety, quality and cost-effectiveness. With the benefit of a free dimension selection, you will be able to receive not only a wide range of applications, but an aftercare packet too. Steel frame based cabins offer various connecting module configurations with double-stacked options. Rapid and easy installation combined with full mobility enables delivery to uninhabited locations. Kan-Bud means quality and comfort.

Living accommodations

Feel at home

Kan-Bud’s dormitories guarantee comfortable high standard housing far away from home. In our prefabricated living lodges your employees will find home-like accommodation designed according to their needs. Plug-and-play sleepers equipped with washrooms, rec-rooms and many more may be rapidly assembled and dismantled in order to set your operation works running fast. Thanks to the possibility of expanding modular facilities, we can quickly increase your living space by adding containers lengthwise or by stacking, combined with total flexibility to form a complete and tailored-made system. Our vast hospitality management reference lists include remote side-by-side mancamps operating worldwide in extreme climate conditions. Find your comfort and cost-effectiveness in our modular space solutions.

Manufacturing technology

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